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SOULS OF LOVE – the deep, inside feeling of oneness with self and others encompassing the true meaning of love, coming from the soul. Souls of Love is a reggae music collective assembled by ILocks Walker, the longtime keyboardist and backing vocalist for Eek-A-Mouse and Ras Michael and The Sons Of Negus and many others. Throughout his career, ILocks has bridged the gap between the urban culture of Los Angeles and the influx of reggae music from Jamaica.


When he was young his father taught him a musical lesson that he will never forget. ILocks remembers the story with a twinkle that is ever present in his eyes. “He taught me how to sing and play soul music," he says. "He taught me what soul really is, which is Love." It is with this spirit that ILocks formed the Souls of Love with his eldest son Elijah “Sky” Walker on bass and his longtime friend and collaborator, Ras Stoney-I behind the drum-kit. Marc Rey and Freddy Flint are frequent collaborators on guitar, as well as trumpet Brian and Jah Mikey on horns.


Known for his musical diversity, ILocks has collaborated with many musicians throughout his career. The two he has performed with most are also the two whom he is most influenced by. “I have two extremes: Ras Michael, which is spiritual reggae and Eek-a-Mouse, which is pop-culture reggae.” Like Bob Marley, ILocks hopes to encompass both extremes. "When I write the tunes, I write from the heart, about real experiences,” ILocks says.


The musicians who round out Souls of Love also bring musical ideas and messages to the band. All of the musicians provide vital inspiration and creativity to the process. The music created by Souls of Love is infused with styles the musicians have played. Often up-tempo, the music is a hybrid of lover’s rock with rock guitar leads and R&B fills. The various styles ensure that no song sounds the same. One of the most poignant, yet catchy songs was envisioned one day when ILocks was talking to Ras Stoney-I about the culture of greed and wealth. “Look at the back of this money–what does this say? In God We Trust? Yeah, Gold, Oil and Diamonds (g.o.d.) are what they really believe in.”


Souls of Love wants their audience to be entertained and enlightened by the experience. "I want people to dance, and love each other," ILocks says.



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The latest album from Souls Of Love, a group assembled by ILocks Walker, the longtime keyboardist for Eek-a-Mouse and Ras Michael and The Sons Of Negus, has arrived. Are you ready to dance? The album, "g.o.d." features some of the best players in the reggae scene, including Marc Rey, Freddy Flint, Eric "Baby Face" Walsh and ILocks's son Elijah “Sky” Walker--and that’s just the guitarists. Rounding out the band is Gerald "General" Couchman on drums, "Dr." Scorpion on percussion, Mikiel Rueben on sax and Geri Liviyah on keys. “Souls of Love has been a labor of love and I’m so proud of what we have been able to accomplish," ILocks says. "I hope we all continue to be blessed and be able to pass those blessings on.”


Vocals by ILocks are top notch, and Pride Hutchison's production is vibrant. Additional effects by Dr. Scorpion make for lethal dance grooves. Combining reggae and pop with dancehall--bang-bang production--Souls Of Love touch on familiar themes such as love alongside the babylon system that we are told to trust.


“The album name is 'g.o.d.,' an acronym for gold, oil, and diamonds,” ILocks says. “You know, that's what they mean when they say 'in god we trust.'" Souls Of Love cast a sonic spell with "g.o.d." that lasts all night long. The result makes you think and brightens your day while moving your body with infectious grooves. The phrasing of the lyrics flow with the music and nothing is forced. Simple truths combined with lush instrumentation and nuggets of production boost the songs in just the right places.




ILocks Walker



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